Update on Summertime Ventures

Oh readers… do forgive my sudden absence. Spring break brought new inspiration and fresh motivation, but soon after break ended, I found myself bombarded with various school projects, papers, and assignments that required more time than I had to give. It’s been a constant barrage of busyness, and I’ve still got about a week left before it ceases.

The good news, though, is the fact that there’s only about a week left before I’m set free on summer break. Of course, “free” is only a relative term. In fact, if I plan well enough, I’ll be accomplishing a good proportion of my “read 50 books this year” challenge. I’ve hit ten! … which is leaving me with a pretty steep stack of books to conquer. But it will be a mountain climbed with joy… reading is the greatest thing!

But other than reading an exorbitant amount of books this summer, you may wonder what else I have planned for the summer in order to keep myself productive and on track. Basically, I plan to do a lot of writing on the book I started last summer. It’s come a long way since then; it was a tiny germ of an idea in mid-June 2012 inspired by a short story scholarship contest, and now it’s blossomed into an entire world that is still developing. I don’t expect to have everything organized and written out (in terms of backstory) by the end of the summer, but I certainly expect a story with my main character to have begun developing and also a working knowledge of each of the four cultures… and a timeline of the history of Erad-du (that’s the name of the world!) designed and cemented in “time” so to speak.

I’d also really like to enter a few creative writing contests and submit to literary publications. This goal is a little bit more of a stretch for me, but i’ve got three months, right?

However, one of the things i’m most excited about this summer is the opportunity to work with  (almost) Dr. Bailey on her YA novel “GIrl in the Middle”, which I will be promoting when press time gets closer. She mentioned yesterday that she’d like to employ my services to do a run through/final copy edit of the manuscript… and guys, I am SO EXCITED!! =D Even though no internships came through for this summer, I do have something to keep me occupied that will pay and give me the experience I was looking to gather.

That’s about all the updates I’ve got. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to keep this blog up a little bit better than normal; school has been it’s craziest ever this past month or so… so bear with me as I transition from school to summer. Expect to hear a lot more from me =)


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