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Poem One – Remember, Forever

Remember, Forever

Remember those repeated whispers in your ear?
Soft breath and gentle strokes
tickled your fancy; quiet words
promised a forever,

But forever was a desolate road;
skeletons and scraggy trees
lined a twisted path, each a sharp memory
of misfortune or pain.

Beaten signs warned of danger;
long ignored, they lost effect.
I watched you go, a piece of my heart
your traveling companion.

Long nights of secrets passed;
you’d tell me of promises made,
abounding flattery and words
I knew were flat.

You always came to me with your tears,
turned to me for comfort;
I was always there
with open arms

Heart laid bare, you told me all.
I knew you better than you thought;
But a sounding board,
that’s all I was to you.

Chances came and went;
I could have told you, but I knew
you would only drift away.
Silent and near, or screaming and far.

My last chance slipped away
as you walk into your forever,
away from a security
you never knew you had.



So yes. Welcome. This is my writing blog, where you will (more often than not) find some of my writing that I want to share, and sometimes even posts that have to do with writing… and more or less, this blog will be catered to my professional development.

I have no promises on how often I’ll be posting, but I’d like to make it at least twice a week; we’ll see how it works out!