Who am I?

Every writer wants to be published, right? It doesn’t really matter where our pieces are published: literary magazines, books, or anthologies. As long as they’re published and read. Publication is a shared dream for writers around the world.

Every writer, though, has a set of uniquities (bear with me): stylistic choices. Likes and dislikes. Preferences of character types, setting, influences… I could go on. Every writer is shaped by everything in their past, whether they realize it or not. All of these characteristics give personality and a humanity to the inanimate face next to the bio blurb (that we all hope to have  someday). Some of my “animators” are:

Dark chocolate (the darker the better!), horses and rodents, notebooks (if I had money, I’d have WAY more than I do), early summer, summer thunderstorms, climbing trees, reading in trees, coffee (specifically anything mint/peppermint, or just plain, good quality black), the color purple (rich earthy colors in general though), dark rooms at sunset, Jazz (especially Dean Martin, and of course the classic Frank Sinatra… and modern Michael Buble), fire smoke, summer bonfires, beaches at dawn/sunset, swing dancing, beautiful floor-length dresses (think maxi dress), elephants, bare feet, running (goal: 10k in 2015!), old couples. Also, I hate the smell that popcorn leaves in the microwave.

So, that was a lot of random, but I’d like to bet that you have a better picture of who I am! The list could go on and on and on and on… you get the picture 😉 As for my writing aspirations…

My ultimate goal is to be a writer whose books are semi-known and appreciated. I don’t wish for crazy popularity (like J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins), but I also don’t wish for obscurity. Whatever happens in the future, I want to write what I’m called to write rather than what’s popular. Everyone is unique in their writing ability/skill/vision, and so I hope that I can effectively tap into and develop mine.

I’m a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I grew up on the Northside of town (and if you know anything about it, you know it’s rough). My writing (in its initial stage) is lightly influenced by this childhood affiliation and the experiences I’ve had living there, as well as the circumstances of my family and the way I was raised. Of course, I’m still “expanding my horizons” as a writer, and I doubt I’ll ever stop =)

I’ve been writing since the ripe age of 8, and other than a little “art” break in my late middle school years, I haven’t stopped. I love it everything about writing, especially the revision and submission stage. Because I love the revision stage as much as I do, I hope one day (soon) to make my way in the publishing-side of the writing world, and in that way support my writing ventures. I don’t want to forever be in active publishing… if I could end up doing free-lance editing, I’d be happy.

I’m optimistic and hopeful about my path, but life can throw curveballs. There’s no way to anticipate them, so I hold my dreams with a loose grip and try to be prepared for whatever comes my way.

So there you have it! I love talking to people about English, and all manner of things, so if any of you ever feel the desire to talk books or whatever… let me know. =)

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