Writing Prompts

As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for sparks that inspire me to write. Sometimes it’ll be a person who has odd characteristics or personality quirks, and sometimes it’s an idea or concept. More often than not, I don’t have a notebook with me and I miss the richness of that unexpected spark.

Discipline in writing is something I struggle with because I always wait for those sparks to come, or I expect them to come when I make time to sit and write. When they don’t show up I get discouraged. Sparks of inspiration don’t come on-demand like television does. It helps to have an outside source to prompt ideas, however random or terrible they might be. I once had to write a series of three poems each of which consisted of one line, two line, and three line stanzas. The results were awful, but it forced me to consider what I was putting down.

… And so that brings me to writing prompts. I’ve hunted for good creative ones, though, admittedly, not very hard.
I stumbled on one unexpectedly today, though, and my mind is brimming with ideas. Have I ever talked about how much I love a good thesaurus? I love them. And you should too! It helps when it comes down to getting rid of adverbs and cutting down on the number of adjectives you use in your writing. I was working on my resume today, using a thesaurus of course, and I happened to look on the right of the page, and what do you know? They give examples of sentences using the word you’re searching. Curious, I tried playing with a couple synonyms of the word “benefit”, and most sentences proved to be a good start to a story of some sort.

So there you are.
Tip of the day: Use the “example sentence” feature of a thesaurus to prompt your writing.

And here’s a good place to start: http://thesaurus.com/browse/benefit?s=t

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